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Adonis Stevenson has been hospitalised on December 1 2018, after receiving a head blow from Oleksandr Gvodzyk at the end of the 11th round. From December 2 2018 to January 2 2019, Mr. Stevenson was in medically-induced coma in a ICU unit of a Quebec hospital. It is not clear what medical procedures has been followed to put Mr. Stevenson in artificial coma and even less the reasons of doing so.

December 5th 2018: Media Update

Based on the 1st public media update released by CHU de Québec, we believe Mr. Stevenson condition was stable since December 5 2018 and not critical or serious as (implicitely) suggested by Dr. Alexis Turgeon in the following tweet on December 18 2018. [1]


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